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Frequently Ask Question

About LAFH Program

What is LAFH?
  • LAFH is a short-form for Learn at Fun Home Learning. It’s a learning that occurs at home or/and online. Education based at home and online platform as a way to get children the entire lesson in a safer environment and get as much as protection as possible.
  • TKB only as a provider (well-trained & experienced staff/teacher to teach) for 4, 5 & 6 years old at your own home or online using Little Caliphs program.
What will children get from LAFH Program?
  • Children will get lesson & education but don’t compromise their health. This program also could reduce probability of the children get infected because of the small circle & parents can monitor them closely.
  • Education program in a very small group of students (minimum 1 student – maximum 7 students) at their own place or designated place and via online.
Why Tadika Khalifah Budiman create LAFH Program?

We have created this program because we understand parent’s concern regarding children’s safety, health and needs. This is an initiative from us to parents that choose not to send their children to school.

How many packages of LAFH Program?

LAFH Program offers few interesting packages that consist of physical classroom and teaching and online.

What are the packages or LAFH Program?

Getting Started

Do the children need to go to school if they enrolled to this program?

No, they don’t have to go to school. But for some packages, children have meetings twice a month with teacher at school. It’s to make sure that the education more dynamic, effective and change the environment.

How will TKB implement the lesson in LAFH Program?

Difference lesson package will have difference type of implementation. Some type of implementation that we use are;

  • Classroom teaching at home (4 – 7 students)
  • Personal teaching (1 to 1)
  • Online Class (maximum 10 students per class)
  • Meeting at school
  • Online quiz
  • Google Classroom
  • And many more…
Who will teach the children?

Experienced & well-trained in Little Caliphs syllabus TKB teachers.

What is the teaching method that LAFH program use in teaching?

We are using teaching methodology from Little Caliphs syllabus. Please refer to www.jomdaftartadika.com

What is the frame work that LAFH use?

We are using The Little Caliphs Program framework.

When this program will be commenced?

This program will be commenced during MCO and will be continued after MCO ended as well.

What is the maximum distance between kindergarten and parents or host place?

The maximum distance is 10KM.

Is this program will be put on halt during school holiday?

No. This program will be continued even in school holiday.

What happen when teacher missed the class for inevitable reasons?

Class will be replaced and parents will be notified regarding this matter.

Who will provide the stationaries?

Parents need to provide the stationaries for their own children.

Is it possible for parents to change from one package to another package?

Yes, you can. Parents can change to another package but required to notify LAFH representative earlier.

What if I miss some session?

If the reasons are acceptable & reasonable, class will be replaced but it’s subject to availability.

LAFH Packages

For Aspiration package, what is the day & time of the class?

TKB will give some options for parents to choose time & day. Parents can choose form the options given.

After I pay for this program, my child has officially registered to this program?

Child will be officially registered after parents sign & agreed on terms and condition of this program. Parents will be given an agreement form to sign for mutual benefits. Please refer to your email for the agreement form.

What is the minimum student for Advansity & Intellect Package?

The minimum student for these packages is 3 students and maximum of 7 students.

If Advansity & Intellect Package doesn’t meet minimum number of student, what will happen?

Class will be cancelled and parents will be advised to change to other package.

Start as a Host

What if 1 location has more than one host?

We will select the earliest registered host or nearest to our school. The other person/registration will become guest.

What are the qualifications of being host?

Host must register their children on Advansity or Intellect Package and meet host compulsory requirements.

What are the compulsory requirements for host?
  • No man allowed or must be accompany by adult female from the same host
  • LAFH representative only will deal all related class with the mother/ female gradient only 2 hours before class
  • No absent for the host except 2 days’ notice before class
  • Radius of the host not more than 10KM
  • The host must be conducive for small
  • No interruption from others kids around
  • Safe surrounding
  • Easy access into the host area 
What are things need to be prepared as a host?
  • Table for study
  • Chairs
  • A comfortable area or private room
  • Thermometer
  • Hand sanitizer
What happen when host quit?

We will open host position to any guest who willing to replace it. In worst case scenario, LAFH will get teacher or staff to be a new host.

Is there overtime at host’s place?

No, parents can’t pick up children late as host & LAFH are not providing overtime service.

I have CCTV at my house and I’m a host. What should I do?

Host need to declare the CCTV is recorded at all times. It’s for securing teacher’s privacy & aurah.

Safety and Security

Is this program following the SOP provided by MOH & NSC?

Yes, LAFH follow the SOP provided by MOE, MOH, NSC and others. Besides that, we also have our own SOP and procedure to ensure the safety and effectiveness.


How can I register to this program?

Parents can register and get all of the information on our website. Click here to register https://go.jomdaftartadika.com/product/lafh-program-package/ 

When the exact date for this program to be officially launch?

This program will be start on 1st June 2020 for registration before or on 29th May 2020. For any registration after that date, program will start on 8th June 2020.

Is this program open to public?

Yes, but on 1st June this program only open for student of TKB. We will be open for public registration after 20th June 2020.

What is the procedure for non-TKB students to join this program?

They have to register as Little Caliphs students. Click here to register https://go.jomdaftartadika.com/product/lafh-program-package/ 

What are the medium of communication related to LAFH program?

Parents can communicate with us through email, iCare or parents can contact Principal directly.

Is there any documentation of the class?

Yes, host will be given a logbook to sign as a report of classes. It will be reference for teacher and host in future.

Is there any flexibility on time and day of the classes?

Yes, the class also could be held weekends. There’s morning session, afternoon session & evening session. Night session only available for online session. Subject to terms and conditions.

Should I purchase and register LAFH packages every month?

No, the registration required is once only. Invoice will be sent monthly. You can refer any matter regarding on fees to Account Department (Tel Num: 03-51315978)

Is there any additional program for LAFH?

Yes, there will be additional programs (special event) with additional costs like school trips, competition, training and more.

How much is the additional costs for special events?

The cost is subject to the event. Parents will be notified later by event.

Can I purchase all merchandise or academic related things form Little Caliphs?

Yes, of course. Parents can purchase it at www.go.jomdaftartadika.com

Can I change from LAFH program to regular kindergarten?

Yes, you can but subject to availability.

Should I buy books from Little Caliphs for non-TKB students?

Yes. Teacher will be using syllabus provided by Little Caliphs.

Is it necessary for students of LAFH to wearing uniform during classes?


Who will do the cleaning of the class?

Teacher will take last 5 minutes to do cleaning with the students together before class ended.

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