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Do your child did not go to school for almost 3 months because of Covid-19?


Do you already starts working now?


Do you worry nobody teach your child at home?

You can’t send your children to school because of the virus?

You afraid your children face trouble with social distancing at school?

Your children can’t focus during learning session at home.

You got nobody to teach your children at home?

You face a hard time to conduct reading and teaching session at home?

All and all, do you got any intention to enroll your child for home school?

Put Your Worries Aside.

because we have a solution for you!

And we are proudly presenting

Where Our Qualified Teachers TEACH Your Children at Your Home.


LAFH stands for Learn at Fun Home Based Learning Kindergarten. LAFH Teachers will come to your home to teach your children.

It’s a learning that take place at home for 4 – 6 years children. LAFH focus ensuring children enjoy their adventurous learning in a safer environment at their own pace. Parents can observe children closely and know what their kids are learning.

What our parents have said?

And these are the benefits

you will get…

Safe environment. Avoid risk from catching disease or viruses from outside.

Multiple intelligences. Focus on physical, emotion, spritual, intellectual and social development.

Efficient and Effective. parent can save time and energy.

Small study group. Children can focus with less interruption.

Close monitored by parents closely on children learning process and progress.


And many more other benefits.

Choose package that suits you and your children..

Program Aspiration Packages LAFH Program

This Program is closed in the moment

Aspiration Package | LAFH Program


  • Mode: Home school
  • Duration per session: 2 hour per session
  • Day: 1 day per week
  • Session: Once a week
  • No. of Students per session: 1 student
  • Location: Student’s home
  • Teacher meet student: Once a week


  • This package suitable for parents who want their children to study for 2 hours on the chosen day by parents.
  • Teacher will conduct 1 to 1 session with student at student’s home.
  • This package suitable during Conditional Movement Control Order.
LAFH | Home Based Learning Kindergarten